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Your Weekly Six-Pack of Pop Culture! Brett, Brian and Dan record live out of San Diego and talk Movies, Headlines, Sports, Music, TV and everything Pop Culture. New Episodes released every Monday!

About Us

March 12, 2018

Live out of San Diego, Brett, Brian, and Dan bring you your weekly six-pack of what else..Pop Culture. That's right, movies, sports, video games, comics, and everything in between.

The Cast


After co-hosting the Degenerate podcast (a #1 comedy show in San Diego), Brett decided to start something new, Pop_NotSoda, with his good friends Dan and Brian. Whether it’s movies, pop culture, or video games, Brett always tends to have an opinion that you’ll either agree with, or want to punch him in the face for. Kinda like a Donald Trump without the money, hair, or hot daughter. Outside of the weekly recording he spends his down time twitch streaming, reading Wikipedia articles on movies he wouldn’t pay a cent to actually see, or getting into Twitter feuds with people like Keith Olbermann or the singer from Yellowcard.

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Brian is a San Diego native and a self-made Thousandaire.  He is the resident Movie Critic for Pop_NotSoda and unveils his weekly knowledge drop through "Brian's Employed Movie Reviews" - previously titled "Brian's Unemployed Movie Reviews"...he got a job.  He is an avid sports, TV, videogame, and current events fan.  In his spare time, he also enjoys binge drinking and making poor decisions for his age bracket.  If found on the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, please return to Pop_NotSoda or tweet @Pop_NotSoda Official for a nominal reward (it's a PBR).

Dan is the resident journalist of the crew (he’s got a degree to prove how much potential he hasn’t lived up to). He is Southern California born and raised. Dan is a walking sports encyclopedia, avid pro-wrestling supporter, and wannabe superhero groupie. Openly admits his guy crush for Ryan Gosling and undying love for Paul Walker. Pokemon Master at the age of 11 (suck it Ash). Self-proclaimed fantasy sports champion. His claims to fame are 7 seconds of screen time in the crowd of America’s Best Dance Crew, photos of him plastered  on San Diego State promotional items, and being mistaken for an Oscar Nominated actor. When not blessing the podcast airwaves with his beautiful voice, he’s playing golf/hockey/soccer/human foosball, gambling irrationally on sporting events, and live tweeting events no one cares about (See Fandom Awards).