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September 18, 2017

The One About…It, iPhone X, Leonardo DiCaprio as the Joker, and the Emmys

Surprise!! They guys know they're supposed to be on break, but so much in the world of pop culture went down this past week the guys knew they had to get the band back together.

So this week, the guys are talking about the record breaking It, the possibility of Leo taking up the mantle of the Joker in an origin story, they break down all the new Apple products and if the iPhone X is really worth it, and the guys give a rundown of all their Emmy predictions!

August 28, 2017

SUMMER FINALE: The One About…MoviePass, Whole Foods, & Game of Fantasy Thrones

As summer comes to an end, the guys are taking a break! But before they do, they're here for one last epic summer episode. They're talking how Amazon and Prime Members are going to take over Whole Foods, the ridiculousness that is MoviePass and how AMC is unsuccessfully trying to stop it, and the guys give their first ever Game of Fantasy Thrones line up, which you definitely won't want to miss!


As the guys take a break for a few weeks, make sure to follow them on their instagram @pop_notsoda to see special live videos and stories of any of their adventures on break!

August 22, 2017

PNS Fantasy Football Special

Brian and Dan are bringing you the first ever Fantasy Football Special! They're using their mediocre expertise to break down drafting strategy, sleepers, best overall position picks, and even their favorite team names for this season. Make sure to check it out and we guarantee you'll make it to the championship...but our lawyers say we can't promise it will help you win!

August 14, 2017

The One About…Dragons, Taylor Swift, Summer Movies & Summerslam

This week the guys are still talking about Westeros and Game of Thrones and that dragon battle, they recap the great action movies that have already come out this summer, and preview what is still to come, the guys break down Taylor Swift's strong fight against the groping DJ who was suing her, and the guys break down the crazy long match card for this week's Summerslam and give their predictions and thoughts about if 6 hours of wrestling is really too much.

August 7, 2017

The One About…Szechuan Sauce, Dark Tower, Message from the King, & Brett Republic VII

This week the guys are recording live from the pre party for Brett's birthday celebration, Brett Republic VII, and they're talking the guys from Rick and Morty getting their hands on Szechuan Sauce, the let down of Dark Tower and what it means for the franchise, in comparison, what movies like Message from the King may mean for the ability to debut feature films on streaming services, and Brian and Dan share their "best/worst' Brett stories in celebration of Brett Republic VII.

July 24, 2017

The One About…Comic-Con, Justice League, Rick & Morty and more with Jon Allen

This week the guys are joined by returning guest Jon Allen as they talk all his new projects, including Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, his current wrestling gimmicks, and what's next for him. They also discuss all the news from San Diego Comic-Con, how the event has grown and the atmosphere it brings to San Diego, the coolest things about bringing fans together, and all of the trailer releases from the week!

July 17, 2017

The One About…Spider-Man Homecoming, The Emmys, Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather’s Promo Tours, and Alfred Angelo

This week the guys open up with the surprise bankruptcy and how it hit close to home, Brian and Dan breakdown Spider-Man: Homecoming's Ultimate Amazingness as spoiler-free as they can be, the guys run down the Emmy nominations, they call their shots for season 7 theories for Game of Thrones, and they review the entertaining trainwreck that has been the McGregor/Mayweather press tour.

July 5, 2017

Hannibal Buress, Rick & Morty Season 3, and Kevin Bacon & Tremors

Happy post-4th of July episode!! Brett and Dan are the helm of the show this week as Brian is MIA, for reasons unknown only speculated, and are joined by retired Marine Corps Sergeant Julian Torres as they talk Hannibal Buress bold red carpet prank, the (finally announced) new season of Rick & Morty, rumors of a new Tremors TV Show that could see Kevin Bacon returning nearly 25 years after his original role, and an exclusive interview with Julian, learning about his climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, his upcoming Patriot's Honor Award reception, and his next venture into podcasting!


Make sure to check out more about Julian's story at and follow him on Twitter @Coffeewitjulian.

June 26, 2017

The One About…Han Solo & Ron Howard, Bachelor in Paradise, and World Seasonings

This week the guys are joined by the owner of World Seasonings Travis, as they talk the surprise firing of the Han Solo prequel directors and the apointment of Ron Howard, they discuss the controversy surrounding Bachelor in Paradise and the conclusion of the internal investigation, they predict what Amazon may do with Whole Foods, and have an exclusive interview with Travis about how World Seasonings came to be, the story behind their blends, and how he's trying to make the world a healthier place.


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June 19, 2017

Pop Not Soda’s Field Trip to the Fair

This week the guys are recording from the road! Brian and Dan get the show to start all to themelves as they make their way to the train station to pick up Brett, and before they pick up Brett they talk the mega fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Once they pick up Brett the guys talk fair expectations and what they're looking forward to most. The guys then record on the way home, with all the aftermath and adventures from the the San Diego County Fair.