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Your Weekly Six-Pack of Pop Culture! Brett, Brian and Dan record live out of San Diego and talk Movies, Headlines, Sports, Music, TV and everything Pop Culture. New Episodes released every Monday!

March 27, 2017

The One About…Power Rangers, Wrestlemania, & Potential Deadpool Casting

This week the guys are back talking the reboot of the Power Rangers and the potential for an updated series, giving their predictions of Wrestlmania (spoiler: they're usually wrong), discuss the options for the casting of the character Cable in the upcoing Deadpool series and who their fantasy castings would be, and the guys dive into the Final 4 of the Best TV Character of ALL TIME bracket to see who will make the Championship!

March 20, 2017

The One About…March Madness Commercials, Netflix Comedy Specials, & the Elite 8 of the Best TV Characters

This week's brand new epsiode is riding the wave of March Madness as the guys talk about the most unproductive week at work, the most annoying commericials that accompany the March Madness games, and how more companies are embracing the spirit of the tournament, they break down the upcoming Netflix Specials from Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer's struggle with trolls and her Netflix special, and what Netflix has to offer to the future of stand up comedy, and the guys narrow down the Elite 8 of the Best TV Character of ALL TIME into the Final 4!

March 14, 2017

The One About…Logan, Switch Launch Aftermath, & More Bracket Madness

The guys are back this week, a little hungover from the amazing Royal Stumble II, with a special Tuesday episode! Brian and Dan breakdown the awesomeness that is Logan, they talk the unprecedented failure of the Nintendo Switch (it may have made money but mo' money mo' problems), and they guys complete the entire 2nd round of the Best TV Character of ALL TIME Bracket!

Get your brackets, your barely working switch, and a Cuban cigar and enjoy the episode!  

March 6, 2017

The One About…Subway, Uber, & Snap’s IPO with Retra

This week the guys are joined in the studio by the band Retra (formerly known as The 13th formerly known as Retra) as they talk Subway's chicken scandal, Uber's free fall, Snap Inc.'s IPO launch, and an interview with Retra, what's next for the band, and Retra busts out the guitars for an exclusive live acoustic set.