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Your Weekly Six-Pack of Pop Culture! Brett, Brian and Dan record live out of San Diego and talk Movies, Headlines, Sports, Music, TV and everything Pop Culture. New Episodes released every Monday!

May 31, 2016

The One About…Games of Thrones, Viral Videos, Joy & Summer Movies

This week the guys tackle the Game of Thrones tragicness while attempting to be as spoiler free as possible, they chat about viral videos and why the internet tends to love dumb things (Brett still hasn't done the water bottle trick yet), Brian reviews the JLaw led Joy, and the guys reminisce about summer movies, give their list for the best summer baseball movies of all time (check it out below), and preview what summer blockbusters are upcoming.

PNS's Top Summer Baseball Flicks
1) Sandlot
2) Rookie of the Year
3) Angels in the Outfield
4) Little Big League
5) Major League 2   
May 23, 2016

The One About…the Chewbacca Lady, Celebrity VPs, the Nice Guys & the Fall TV Lineup

This week the guys ponder on why the "Chewbacca Lady" video has gone so viral, they discuss the rumors of Mark Cuban running as a Vice Presidential candidate and what other celebrities they'd like to pair with the current nominees, Brian tackles Shane Black's The Nice Guys in his movie review, and the guys review the announced Fall TV Lineups and what shows look good (Lethal Weapon) and what doesn't (mostly all of them).

May 16, 2016

The One About…Leicester City, NBA Playoffs, Captain America: Civil War & Assassin’s Creed

Brian's back this week as the guys talk about Leicster City's improbable EPL Championship, Steph Curry's unanimous NBA MVP and heroics in the playoffs so far, Brian tackles Captain America: Civil War in his Homeless Movie Review, and the guys discuss the first trailer release for Michael Fassbender's take on the ever successful Assassin's Creed franchise. 

May 13, 2016

Dirt Dab 5-13-16

Dan goes in on the alleged  Facebook trending topics bias.

May 3, 2016

The One About…Prince, Drake, Blink 182, Stephen King’s adaptations, and Newcomer

This week Brett and Dan man the ship without Brian as he's off somewhere enjoying the yacht life, but they find some help from the band Newcomer. They talk about Brett's Coachella wind storm experience, Prince's passing and his legacy on music, new music from Drake and Blink 182; Brett and Dan take over movies in Brian's absence and make some Captain America: Civil War predictions and talk about all the upcoming Stephen King film adaptations; and the guys end with an exclusive interview with Lee, Dennis, and Martin from Newcomer while also premiering some exclusive Newcomer tracks!