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Your Weekly Six-Pack of Pop Culture! Brett, Brian and Dan record live out of San Diego and talk Movies, Headlines, Sports, Music, TV and everything Pop Culture. New Episodes released every Monday!

May 29, 2015

The One…Without Brian

Have you seen Brian Owens?

Height: 6'3
Weight: He's big.
Ethnicity: Part Asian/Rest: Undecided
Last seen: Far right side of Brett's couch.

If found, please contact and let us know where we can pick him up...fed and showered.

Oh! We also had an episode this week! Check it out! We talked about having an official website (congrats! you found it!), FIFA corruption (Ha! no one found it!), Riley Curry owning press conferences (Ha! Youtube caught it!), and the new Point Break Trailer (Patrick Swayze ain't catching that shit).

May 25, 2015

The One…About the Other Olsen

Aaron Paul and Mary-Kate Olsen!? Nope! Not talking about that (because it's fake). This week we talk about the "Other Olsen" and why Elizabeth Olsen is treated like the "Other Sister" when really she has more acting chops than Ashley and what's her face (we purposely forgot her name from the first sentence) combined.

Hey! On that note, Juliette Lewis and Elizabeth Olsen should come out with The Other Sister(s) 2: Full House.

May 25, 2015

The One… Where Usher Guest Starred

Usher (the better one) joins us this week to discuss the NBA Playoffs, Camping stories (Do any ever happen the way we plan them to?), and Tom Brady's Deflated Balls.

May 22, 2015

Yes! You have arrived!

This is the first post on our newly designed site. It will soon be taken away so screenshot it while you can and save it to sell for a million dollars in ten years. It'll be like the Flappy Bird of podcast websites. Trust us, we know.

And once you make your millions, give us a call and say, "hey! remember that shitty post you did when you first made the site and didn't know what the hell you were doing? Well it just made me a million dollars suckers because it's now the Flappy Bird of podcast websites."

And we will continue to record, not knowing that we actually created the Flappy Bird of podccast websites with this first post.