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November 30, 2016

The One About…Dave Chappelle, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Kanye’s Health, & Dr. Strange

This week the guys are back to cure your holiday hangover as they talk Dave Chappelle and his announced comeback on Netflix, they discuss what Black Friday and Cyber Monday look like this year, they discuss Kanye West's current mental health and the cancelling of his tour, Brian reviews Marvel's smash hit Dr. Strange and Dan challenges the guys to a time travel movie game and more!


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November 21, 2016

The One About…Thanksgiving, Snap Spectacles & the Mannequin Challenge with Cheyne Whitney

This week the guys are joined by the ever charming Season 15 winner of CBS's The Amazing Race, Cheyne Whitney. The guys talk with Cheyne about his experience on the show, how he was selected, life after the show and his recent adventure into fatherhood. Brian and Dan run down the launch of Snap Inc.'s Snap Spectacles and where you can get them, breakdown the Mannequin Challenge and the popularity behind it and what challenge could be next, the guys run down their Top 5 lists for Thanksgiving and Brian hosts his Thanksgiving Fact Challenge.


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November 7, 2016

The One About…The Cubs, Snap Inc, Westworld, & The Accountant

This week the guys are talking about the potential of Snap Inc. going public, Vine declaring its impending death, Westworld and how the internet continues to make it more difficult to purely enjoy a TV show without encountering spoilers, Brian reviews Ben Affleck's new film The Accountant, and Brett forces Dan and Brian to play a game in which they've got to figure out which video games were based off of movies.

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October 31, 2016

The One About…Halloween, Clowns, Ghostbusters & The Walking Dead

It's Pop_NotSoda's Halloween episode!! THe guys are talking Negan and fallout from The Walking Dead's season premiere (SPOILER ALERT), the guys read some creepy and true, unsolved mysteries, they discuss what is going on with the "Clownpocolypse" and Dan shares his own personal run in with some creepy clowns, Brian reviews the Ghostbusters remake, the guys rundown their Top 5 List of what makes horror movies great, and Brian and Brett square off in a horror movie trivia game!

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October 24, 2016

The One About…Billy Bush, Red Dead Redemption 2, Planet Earth 2, & NFL Fines

This week the guys are talking about Billy Bush's abrupt exit from the Today show and what Billy could do next, and who should replace him, they then jump into sequel city as they cover the announcements about Red Dead Redemption 2, Planet Earth 2, Brian reviews Ride Along 2 and Neighbors 2 (2s were cheap on this episode) and Brian hosts the NFL Fine Game, as Brett and Dan compete to see who knows how much players are robbed of when they commit a penalty.

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October 6, 2016

The One About…Kim K Robbery, Google’s New Releases & New TV Hits

This week the guys breakdown the Kim Kardashian's robbery, what they think happened and what they'd do if it happened to them, they dive into Google's release event detailing its new Pixel phones and Google Wifis and the future of Google's impact on the device world, they run down the best new shows on TV so far (including Atlanta, Luke Cage, Westworld and more), Brian reviews Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and Brett makes Dan and Brian play a game Allyson (Brett's fiancée) could only describe as "gross."

October 3, 2016

The One About…Disney Remakes, Snapchat Glasses, Horror Tropes & Popstar

This week the guys (sadden by Charger tragedy) breakdown Snapchat's recent company moves and their new products, discuss the announced Lion King remake and think of what other Disney movies they'd like to see remade in live action, Brett recounts his terrible experience watching Blair Witch and the common tropes horror movies keep making, Brian reviews Popstart: Never Stop Never Stopping and Dan hosts the first ever "Pop_Not Soda Battle of the Boy Bands." 

September 26, 2016

The One About…the Emmys, Brangelina Split, and Mark Christopher Lawrence

This week the guys are joined by the ever-talented Mark Christopher Lawrence ( Feat of a Black Hat, Chuck, Terminator 2) and it's one of the best times the guys have ever had! They talk Emmys (and if they're really relevant anymore), cover the announced divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, play the "Christopher Lee v Samuel L. Jackson" in a battle of IMDB resumes, and they guys have an exclusive interview with Mark Christopher Lawrence covering his introduction into acting, stories from the sets of his projects, and it's definitely an interview you will want to check out! To find out more about Mark's upcoming shows and projects, head over to or follow him on twitter @markchrlawrence!

September 21, 2016

The One About…New Fall TV, Suicide Squad, & Star Wars or Florida

We know what you're thinking..."Isn't it Wednesday? Where's the intro? No music?" Well none of that matters because this episode will make your ears tingle and you feel things emotionally that you haven't felt in years. It's the FIRST EVER Pop_Not Soda episode without Brett! We know, you're welcome!

Brian and Dan are at the helm and they don't waste a minute. They dive right into Dan's empty apartment, rank all of the new fall TV shows (on a scale from Party of Five to 90210), Brian reviews DC's hot mess Suicide Squad (and of course Dan is sympathetic to it) and then the guys phone a contest to compete in the first ever round of 'Star Wars or Florida!' (thank you Rotten Tomatoes for the idea).

It's a once in a lifetime episode that you will not want to miss!
September 12, 2016

The One About…Lochte, Spiderman Homecoming, iPhone 7 & Hiddleswift


We've know you've missed them! (We don't know if Brian and Dan have missed each other though). The guys do a rundown of everything they've missed on break - from Ryan Lotche to Colin Kaepnernick to the end of Hiddleswift. Brian reviews the R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party, the guys do their first every PNS Top 5 list for things they wished the new iPhone 7 had, and Brett hosts the first Quizmaster as Brian and Dan compete to see who can tell the difference between Ryan Lotche and characters played by Keanu Reeves!