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February 20, 2017

The One About…Dan’s Trial, Brett’s Game Show, PewDiePie, & TV Bracket Madness

This week the guys have a special Tuesday episode so everyone could enjoy their President's day! This week the guys are talking Dan's recent jury duty experience, Brett's victorious experience on the Celebrity Name Game and the behind the scenes scoop, they breakdown how many people in the White House Stone Cold Steve Austin has stunner'd and which wrestlers they'd want in their President's Cabinet, they dive into the claims against YouTube's PewDiePie, and the guys start breaking down their Best TV Character of ALL TIME bracket!


Don't forget to download the Best TV Character of ALL TIME bracket here!

February 13, 2017

The One About…Brady’s Stolen Jersey, Super Bowl Trailers, John Wick & Valentine’s Day

The guys are back from a week off and dive straight into the aftermath of the Super Bowl win (like Brady's stolen jersey & the misplaced game ball), they give a rundown of the Super Bowl movie trailers, they list their hopes for Chapter 2, and the guys breakdown Valentine's day, Brett gives his Pop Five List of healthy movie relationships and the guys give suggestions for the best movies to watch on Valentine's day.

January 30, 2017

The One About…M. Night Shyamalan, Great Movie Twists, and Superbowl LI

This week the guys talk M. Night Shyamalan's continued return to making "pretty good" movies, they breakdown what they think is the greatest twist in movie history (not to be confused with surprise endings), give predictions and hopes for yesterday's Royal Rumble, and the go over everything that makes the Super Bowl one of the greatest days of the year and give their case for why the Monday after should really be a national holiday.

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January 23, 2017

SEASON PREMIERE: The One About…the LA Chargers, 2017 Movies, Resident Evil 7 & Nintendo Switch

Get ready for Season Three!! Brett, Brian and Dan are back and start off hot discussing the debacle that has been the Chargers' relocation to Los Angeles and all its early failures, the guys cover all of the early 2017 box office bombs (poor Ben Affleck), Dan gives his Pop 5 list of "Most Anticipated Super Hero Movies of 2017," Brett breaks down the upcoming release (tomorrow) of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and the guys recap the Nintendo Switch event and what it holds for the future of gaming.


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December 14, 2016

SEASON FINALE: The One Where…We Talk Over Christmas with the Kranks

Season Two has come to a close! So the guys did the only thing they could to celebrate, make fun of a terrible holiday movie. This year the guys riff over Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis' Christmas with the Kranks. You can find it streaming on Netflix, so load it up, grab your favorite holiday beverage, and watch along with us because it's the only way to enjoy this movie. Trust us.

December 7, 2016

The One…Live from San Diego Chargers Tailgate

The guys take the show on the road this week, as they set up shop from Qualcomm stadium and went live! Join the Pop_NotSoda crew as they open the show up to anybody and everybody tailgating before the San Diego Chargers took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend!

It's a first for the guys and will be a first for you too as listeners! And thanks for everyone that jumped on the show!

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November 30, 2016

The One About…Dave Chappelle, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Kanye’s Health, & Dr. Strange

This week the guys are back to cure your holiday hangover as they talk Dave Chappelle and his announced comeback on Netflix, they discuss what Black Friday and Cyber Monday look like this year, they discuss Kanye West's current mental health and the cancelling of his tour, Brian reviews Marvel's smash hit Dr. Strange and Dan challenges the guys to a time travel movie game and more!


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November 21, 2016

The One About…Thanksgiving, Snap Spectacles & the Mannequin Challenge with Cheyne Whitney

This week the guys are joined by the ever charming Season 15 winner of CBS's The Amazing Race, Cheyne Whitney. The guys talk with Cheyne about his experience on the show, how he was selected, life after the show and his recent adventure into fatherhood. Brian and Dan run down the launch of Snap Inc.'s Snap Spectacles and where you can get them, breakdown the Mannequin Challenge and the popularity behind it and what challenge could be next, the guys run down their Top 5 lists for Thanksgiving and Brian hosts his Thanksgiving Fact Challenge.


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November 7, 2016

The One About…The Cubs, Snap Inc, Westworld, & The Accountant

This week the guys are talking about the potential of Snap Inc. going public, Vine declaring its impending death, Westworld and how the internet continues to make it more difficult to purely enjoy a TV show without encountering spoilers, Brian reviews Ben Affleck's new film The Accountant, and Brett forces Dan and Brian to play a game in which they've got to figure out which video games were based off of movies.

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October 31, 2016

The One About…Halloween, Clowns, Ghostbusters & The Walking Dead

It's Pop_NotSoda's Halloween episode!! THe guys are talking Negan and fallout from The Walking Dead's season premiere (SPOILER ALERT), the guys read some creepy and true, unsolved mysteries, they discuss what is going on with the "Clownpocolypse" and Dan shares his own personal run in with some creepy clowns, Brian reviews the Ghostbusters remake, the guys rundown their Top 5 List of what makes horror movies great, and Brian and Brett square off in a horror movie trivia game!

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